Q & A Feature

Q: Why would I want to hire a local administrative assistant? Aren’t Virtual Assistants (VA’s) in other countries cheaper?

A: There are several good reasons to hire a local administrative assistant.

First, many tasks need to be done locally.  Think of errands, such as dropping off a package, picking up supplies for a seminar, or attending a business networking event.  All of these are things that an administrative assistant can do, but must be done in person.

Second, the time zone is important.  If you hand over tasks to your administrative assistant during your work day, and want to get feedback or answer questions about the work, then having an assistant in your time zone is critical.

Third, language is often a barrier, even for overseas VA’s who speak English. Often, English isn’t their primary language, and it may take extra time and effort to get your instructions across to the foreign VA.

Finally, the time it takes to get to know your administrative assistant well can be just a couple weeks when you see her in person, but may take several months if you only “meet” your foreign VA over email and phone.  When you know your assistant well, the whole process of handing over tasks and getting the work done is much more efficient.