Are You Wasting Time?

“A productive life equals a happy life.”

There is more to a happy life than just being productive, but Darius Foroux is right in the sense that being productive leads to a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in one’s work.

Foroux also makes a helpful distinction between productivity and effectiveness:

And when I talk about productivity, I talk about being effective.

Because productivity doesn’t suggest that you get the right things done. It just means you get a lot of stuff done. But that’s not what matters.

Effectiveness, however, refers to getting the right things done.

In this article, “How to Stop Wasting Time and Improve Your Personal Effectiveness,” Foroux lists 3 steps:

  1. Know Thy Time
  2. Identify Non-productive Work
  3. Eliminate the Time-Wasters

This isn’t rocket-science, but it does take a lifetime of practice to hone these skills!  To be an expert in time-management requires periodic review of your time.  So as you read this article, ask yourself if it is time for a review of your time.

How to Stop Wasting Time and Improve Your Personal Effectiveness

The reason I research productivity is simple. I think that a productive life equals a happy life.

Also, if you’re more productive than average people, you’ll advance faster in your career. You learn more. You do more. And eventually are rewarded more.