Grand Rapids Website Design for Small Business

Welcome Grand Rapids businsses!

You already know your business needs a website, and you might even have one already. Websites seem simple, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

Grand Rapids - website design for small business

Websites are part marketing and part technology, right? Part of it is getting the right design and the right words on the screen. But the other part of it is technology. Domain names, DNS, hosting, registrars, Certificates, SSL, WordPress and on and on – right?

At Shared Hands Grand Rapids Website Design, we handle the often-forgotten part of site design – the tech part. If the technology part is done improperly, many things can go wrong, and your web presence will suffer.

For example, we have run into many clients whose web developer has disappeared, and along with him, the user ID and password to the website hosting service. Imagine needing to update some setting for your website, and realizing you have no way of logging in!

Shared Hands gives you complete access to your website, hosting platform, and domain information. You receive all user IDs and passwords needed to access the website. All of them.

Before we go any further, let’s go over what you need. If you need a small business website, and are in Grand Rapids or West Michigan, or have any connection to Grand Rapids, you’re in the right place. We can help get your site created or re-designed – affordably and quickly.

We like to start with a bit about your business by having you fill out the assessment form:

Let’s start with that, and then discuss how we can work together.