If Only I Had More Time…

It is late Friday afternoon.  Looking back on the week, I have not accomplished all the goals I had hoped to.  On a day like today, this article really hits home!  If only I had more time…

Jason Womack trains busy professionals to be more productive — he knows what he is talking about.  Here he gives 3 suggestions for how to make the best use of your time…since you can’t actually create more time.

  1. Decide that “now” is the time.
  2. Take action.
  3. Find an accountability partner.

Even this late in the afternoon on Friday, I can take these suggestions and make progress on my goals for the week!


3 Ways to Make Progress on a Significant Goal — Today

When was the last time you got to the end of a day and said, “Phew, I got everything done. I have all this extra time, what should I do now?”

Oh, wait. Never.

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