How you can finish your work week on Fridays at noon

The age-old question for entrepreneurs: What is a good use of your time? Experts have analyzed it; millionaires have shared it; business owners live it.

If you run your own show, are a business owner, or sell for a living, you know the answer to this question: the more time spent on selling, the better off your financial picture.

But what if you are an employee?

Here is something I read about a programmer a few years ago. I think his name was Alan.

Alan was really good at what he did. He was at the top of his game. He

  • Completed projects.
  • Worked hard.
  • Was inspired and motivated.
  • Worked well with co-workers.

However, Alan hated paperwork, such as

  • Tracking miles.
  • Tracking expenses.
  • Tracking to-dos and tasks.
  • Writing up meeting notes with customers and co-workers.

These tasks made him dread going to work and distracted him from dedicating his time to doing what he loved. Then, he heard about personal assistants.

Out of his own pocket, he hired one to do all of the administrative tasks he hated and was not good at. By getting this part of his work life off his plate, he freed up 6 hours a week.