4 Reasons to Work with an Admin Assistant

When small business owners consider outsourcing tasks to an admin assistant, they often worry about the cost associated with it.  True, having an administrative assistant isn’t free, but it can actually pay for itself.  And your life gets better. When you outsource to an administrative assistant, some magical things happen.

You become less busy

Things that eat up your time—like online research, correspondence with vendors, scheduling meetings and running reports—these eat into your valuable time.  These tasks aren’t optional.  They have to get done.  But they prevent you from doing more productive work.

When you outsource admin tasks, you become less busy.  Your day becomes manageable.  You get to the end of the day and realize you actually got work done that builds your business or makes revenue for the company.

You increase profits

How does outsourcing to an admin assistant pay for itself?

Let’s say you spend 4 hours a week doing repetitive but necessary tasks.  Then imagine if you spend those 4 hours working on marketing or building relationships or meeting with   prospects.  If you got one new client with that time (depending on your business), the additional revenue would pay for the administrative assistant and then some.

Or, let’s say you could spend that additional 4 hours doing billable work.  Even that would generate more income than the cost of the administrative assistant.

They key is to be sure you actually do use the saved time for business building or billable work.  That’s up to you.

You make smarter decisions

One thing I have noticed personally is that when you work with an admin assistant, you have time to think, and you have time to ask “What’s the best use of my time right now?”

Those kinds of questions lead to better decisions.  If you know that the administrative tasks are handled competently by someone else, your thinking rises to a more strategic level.

Instead of asking “How on earth can I get this all done?” you ask “How can I be of value to my business.” Your whole level of thinking and decision making grows.

You make fewer mistakes

What happens when you are tired, frazzled, and have too much to get done?  You make mistakes, that’s what. Ask your admin to help, and not only does it get off your plate, it gets done better than you would have done it. That’s peace and joy back in your life.