Two Great Trends for the Mobile Workforce

Two ideas for the mobile workforce are trending, and both are making life and work easier and more pleasant.


The first one is coworking.  Coworking spaces are work spaces that offer shared resources like WiFi, desk space, meeting rooms, and social interaction.  Coworking spaces are attractive to small businesses, freelancers, independent contractors, and remote-working employees of larger firms because of the shared resources and the enjoyment of having other people around.

Coworking appeals to the mobile workforce who like to travel light.

Coworkers bring their laptops, phones and maybe an iPad with them, and they get to work.


The second trend that makes life easier for small businesses is outsourcing.  Small businesses and independent workers usually outsource tasks like bookkeeping, marketing and technology.  But one kind of outsourced work that is sometimes overlooked is administrative work.

Admin work is the “little stuff” that you have to get done, but doesn’t help the bottom line.

How do these two trends work together?

Mobile working and coworking increases your productivity by letting you work anywhere; outsourcing your administrative work increases productivity by letting you work on what you’re best at.

Traveling “mentally light”

Coworking spaces let you travel light – you only need your laptop and phone.  Having an admin assistant lets you travel “mentally light”. They take care of keeping you organized and take care of the details, while you focus on your best work.

Coworking spaces are communities where shared resources benefit everyone.  When the two trends of coworking and administrative assistants merge, you find a real sweet spot of productivity.  The whole community benefits.