Don’t Let Distractions Ruin Your Day

Do you ever get to the end of a work day feeling exhausted, but not sure you really accomplished anything?  We all know that email can be a huge time-sucker, constantly pulling you away from more valuable, productive work. But where else do you lose time during your work day?

According to the following article by Stacey Lastoe, you could be losing an hour or more of your work day trying to recover from involuntary distractions! How do you minimize this wasted time?

This Is Nuts: It Takes Nearly 30 Minutes to Refocus After You Get Distracted

De-stressing at work with a walk around the block, a few minutes of meditation, or easy do-at-your-desk exercises is essential for productivity. If I don’t get up from my desk or move my eyes away from my screen at some point during my workday, my brain will feel completely fried at the end of it (and not in a good way).

But taking much-needed and deserved breaks (intentional) are one thing—getting distracted (involuntarily) is another. There’s a reason that distractions threaten your work output: According to a University of California Irvine study, “it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the task.” Read more…