How do you know you have the right marketing tools in place?  How do you know things are connected together to actually produce good results?  How do you know you’re spending money on the right tools and systems?  What software and technology works for bringing in new clients?

“Can you fix my marketing?”

Yes, we can!

First of all, let’s ask why we are doing marketing in the first place?  Marketing is the reaching out for your small business to connect with new clients and customers.  And why do that?  More clients means more revenue.  Basically we market our businesses to serve more clients and make more money.

How do you know your customer reach-out is working?  You are bringing in more money.  And conversely, if you spend money on getting the word out, and it isn’t bringing in more money, then it’s not working.

Fix my marketing, please!

One of my mentors put it this way: “If you put a dollar into the marketing machine and you get two dollars of new business out…how many dollars do you want to put into the machine?”  It should be a no-brainer.  Marketing should be producing tangible monetary results.

Many small businesses have bits and pieces of a customer reach-out system set up, but very few have everything connected into a smooth system.

“Fix my marketing!”  What’s the first step to getting the system fixed so that it’s bringing in new clients and more money?

The first step is to see where you are.   Take the assessment and get your score.  Then you’ll know where you are, and what needs to be done to get things working.

Take the assessment: