Hello, SLAPSter!  Let’s get your business some more customers!

Are you business owner working with Silver Lining to grow your business?  Are you a SLAPSter?  Do you need your business to be found better on Google?

I have been working with Silver Lining for many years!  I have a SLAP! I do my weekly Pause and Reflect; I enter sales and work on Action Items – just like you!

But what you need now is some help getting your website more visible on a Google search, right?

How do you rank on Google?  Are you #1?  Are you on the first page? Do you know what your customers search for in order to find you?

Try some searches in Google.  See which searches you show up for.  Don’t search for the name of your business, search for your category.   For example, if you’re a dental office, try “dentists near me” or just “dental office”.

If you are on the first page, congratulations!  You’ve done some hard work to get there, and your hard work will pay off in new clients and more revenue!

But if you’re not getting found on Google, then what?  You need help with Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making updates to your website so that it is more easily found on Google by your potential new customers. If your potential customers and clients can find your website, they will be more likely to purchase from you.  It’s one of the main avenues that small businesses bring in new customers.

SEO ties into your website and your other marketing systems, such as advertising on Google or Facebook.  It also ties into social media and email marketing.  All of these system tie in together – the platforms, the software and the technology all tie together to get your business found online.

Specifically, Search Engine Optimization for SLAPsters should be straightforward. You already know your ideal client, and you know the need you are fulfilling for them. What would they type into Google to find you?

And even better – if you have done an Online or Blogging Connecting strategy, you already are in the habit of posting articles and blog post to your website. You’re 60% of the way there!

But you might need help with the details, right? What’s your first step?  Let’s find out where you are with digital marketing, technology and your website. 

Take the marketing and tech assessment first: https://assessment.sharedhands.co/

Then we can have a discussion about getting found online, and bringing in more clients for your business.

Keep working on your SLAP!  Keep putting in your pause and reflect, entering sales and doing your action items.  We’ll help get the website found on Google, while you are working on making your business amazing!