How to Get Relief From Overload... And Get More Done

Stop doing work you don't enjoy

Get rid of annoying tasks that bog you down and keep you unproductive

"Outsourcing to an admin assistant pays for itself"

Where Did Things Go Wrong?

Imagine this...

You go to work every day, you work hard, but you don't enjoy the work anymore.

You know something isn't right. You started out OK, but the little tasks keep eating into your day.

In the past, you could spend most of your day doing the work your business was created to do, and then spend some time building the business for the long term.

But now...

  • Incessant emails clamor for your attention
  • Customers want to know where their stuff is... or where their refund is
  • Invoices need to be run
  • Newsletters need to be mailed out
  • A lost package needs to be found
  • A new time-saving service needs to be researched
  • There's a mismatch in the accounting program that needs to be corrected

But NONE of this stuff makes you any money! You can't bill your clients for any of these tasks!

And even worse, these little tasks take you away from building your business and keeping the new clients coming in the door.

And maybe worst of all, these tasks are soul-sucking tasks. They take away your joy and happiness.

I know because I've stood in your shoes. I've lived the story of work overload and being bogged down in administrivia.

The story has a happy ending, though. I solved all these problems by outsourcing to an administrative assistant. In fact, that solution was so successful that I had to share this secret weapon with everyone I knew. I felt compelled to make this solution available to my friends and fellow business owners.

Why don't more small businesses and entrepreneurs hire administrative assistants?

I know why...

I went through the same excuses and agonized over the decision too...​

  • I thought hiring and admin assistant was a luxury, and it would be too expensive for me
  • I saw the the whole hiring process as tedious and difficult
  • I thought there was no guarantee I'd find someone who would work out
  • I thought I was so disorganized, I wouldn't even make good use of the admin assistant
  • I figured that we'd all just pitch in and do the tasks, and it would all work out...

I finally made the plunge, and began outsourcing tasks to an administrative assistant.

I want you to have the same success that I did.

With our proprietary 20-step hiring process, we find and vet the best candidates for administrative assistants.

Did you know? There are people whose joy in life is to help you with tasks like these.

There are real people who want you to be organized and successful, and they take pride in making you efficient!

Our hiring process finds these amazing individuals, and we bring them in and we train them with our 6-level training process.

Then we make them available to you on an as-needed basis.

You don't have to hire.

You don't have to wonder if your admin will work out.

You don't need to worry that the workload is uneven.

You don't need to fill out paperwork, provide benefits, deal with payroll taxes, sick days or flat tires.

Outsourcing your admin work provides for you relief from overload.

Skills and process that took me a year to learn and figure out, you can get started with right away.

You get the benefit of our hard work.


  •  Which tasks you should hand over on Day 1
  •  Two tasks you should NEVER hand over
  • The one thing that will make your productivity with your admin soar
  •  How you can give yourself a 30% raise

But bringing on an administrative assistant isn't for everyone.

You'll need to be engaged in the process of working with her.

You'll need to use your newly found free time for reaching new clients and making more sales.

Freedom and Relief

But if you are willing to leave the chaos behind and outsource your administrative tasks, you will gain freedom, you will find relief, and you will see amazing improvements in your business.

A Free Top 10 Checklist of Tasks to Delegate 

To get you started, download my top-10 list of tasks to delegate. 

You will get the inside scoop on what you can delegate today to get you on track!

See what some of our customers have to say:

"A great experience"

Working with Maria and SharedHands has been a great experience. Maria is a skilled assistant who is willing to take on any task and see it through to completion. I appreciate her professionalism, attention to detail, willingness to learn new skills and positive attitude.

I’d recommend Maria and SharedHands to anyone who wants a reliable assistant to take over some of the work they know they should be delegating!

Kristen Rampe Consultant

"Thorough and detail oriented"

I wasn't initially sure about having a part-time assistant through SharedHands. There's always stuff to get done in a consulting business. My assistant Maria was very thorough and detail oriented. I always felt as though she either was very efficient or worked more than SharedHands billed for.

Luke Szyrmer Author and Consultant

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't find having an administrative assistant fully worth every cent, we will refund your month's fee!