Too much to do?
Bogged down with the “little stuff” of business?

Get Relief Now

You can get your time back.  You can really “buy time!”

An administrative assistant frees up your time to do the work that only you can do – the profitable work of the company.

It’s Simple…

Do what only you can do and what you like to do, and then outsource the rest.

You become super-productive, get to enjoy peace of mind with a manageable work load, and you get to see your income and profits go up!


Working with Maria and Shared Hands has been a great experience. Maria is a skilled assistant who is willing to take on any task and see it through to completion. I appreciate her professionalism, attention to detail, willingness to learn new skills and positive attitude. I’d recommend Maria and Shared Hands to anyone who wants a reliable assistant to take over some of the work they know they should be delegating!Kristen Rampe, Grand Rapids, Mi

What can an administrative assistant help with?

  • Respond to emails and phone calls
  • Schedule meetings and transcribe minutes
  • Organize managers’ calendars
  • Perform bookkeeping tasks
  • Book travel and accommodations
  • Manage contact lists
  • Write and distribute email, correspondence memos, letters, faxes and forms
  • Assist in the preparation of regularly scheduled reports
  • Prepare customer spreadsheets and keep online records
  • Create presentations
  • Perform internet research